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What is the meaning of bristle in Hindi?

Meaning of bristle in Hindi is : सूअर का बाल

Definition of word bristle

  • A stiff or coarse hair. (noun)
  • To be on one's guard or raise one's defenses; to react with fear, suspicion, or distance. (verb)

Examples of word bristle

    • The Major looked at the Texans with cold contempt—the tone of his voice alone made Call bristle.
    • Awned having an _awn_, that is, a bristle-like appendage, especially on the glumes of grasses.
    • Sporangia clustered around the slender bristle, which is the prolongation of a vein, and surrounded by a vase-like, slightly two-lipped involucre.
    • The most characteristic feature is the long caudal bristle, which is extremely delicate and about two-thirds the length of the body.
    • It is also called bristle-tail, because of the long, bristle-like parts at the end of its body; and in some places it is called a slink, because, you know, it loves dark places, and when you uncover it in the daytime, it slips around a corner into the dark again.
    • Amélie, shows a mere fringe of dark bristle, which is tree, based upon a broad red-yellow streak, which is land.
    • Reid and Polosi now occupy the high ground and Bush has only just begun to 'bristle'.
    • Herman's "bristle" has nothing to do with what I think.
    • Paula Dobriansky is too much the diplomat to ever "bristle" at a question.