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What is the meaning of broad brimmed in Hindi?

Meaning of broad brimmed in Hindi is :

Definition of word broad brimmed

  • Having a broad brim. (adjective)

Examples of word broad brimmed

  • And a broadbrimmed black hat to keep the sawdust out of your collar.
  • I hiked into palm washes and up unmarked trails, always water, carrying water everywhere, always a hat, wearing a broadbrimmed hat and a neckerchief, and I stood on promontories in punishing sun, stood and looked.
  • The 31-year-old former secretary gives little obvious sign of extravagence, preferring for official occasions conservative pale blue suits with broadbrimmed hats in a style more suited to middle-aged matrons.
  • They intercepted a ferret wearing a broadbrimmed straw hat and short pants.
  • Her elocutionary attempts were not quite satisfactory to herself, but she was not to be daunted; and when morning came, she took heart of grace, slung her broadbrimmed hat over her arm, and began her march