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What is the meaning of broadcloth in Hindi?

Meaning of broadcloth in Hindi is : बनात

Definition of word broadcloth

  • A fine smooth-faced woolen cloth for men’s garments, usually of double width (i.e., a yard and a half); -- so called in distinction from woolens three quarters of a yard wide. (noun)

Examples of word broadcloth

  • "Yes, yes," but the judge was unkind enough to refuse, and thereby deprived us of seeing a fellow in broadcloth gored because he thought he could kill a toro.
  • As they trample on nationalities to reproduce London and Londoners in Europe and Asia, so they fear the hostility of ideas, of poetry, of religion, -- ghosts which they cannot lay; -- and, having attempted to domesticate and dress the Blessed Soul itself in English broadcloth and gaiters, they are tormented with fear that herein lurks a force that will sweep their system away.
  • Indian woman, in beaded leggings, moccasins, "short skirt," and a blue "broadcloth" folded about her shoulders.
  • She folded her "broadcloth" about her, filled her small carved pipe and sat for many hours smoking silently, silently, silently.
  • And presently Lydia found herself shaking hands with the elder chief, speaker of the council, who spoke English rather well, and with a little dark woman folded within a "broadcloth" and wearing the leggings, moccasins and short dress of her people.


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