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What is the meaning of brode in Hindi?

Meaning of brode in Hindi is :

Definition of word brode

  • Alternative form of broddle. (verb)

Examples of word brode

  • Bakeñ heryng {e}, dressid & diȝt w {i} t {h} white sugur {e}; þe white heryng {e} by þe bak a brode ye splat hymÌ… sur {e}, bothe rough {e} & boon {us}/voyded/þeñ may your {e} lorde endur {e} 552 to ete merily w {i} t {h} mustard þ {a} t tyme to his plesur {e}.
  • Haut brode - 12e, Spartiates (whatever it means) - 19e, odd legs - priceless (or surgery-worth).
  • And hit lyfte vp þe yȝe-lyddez and loked ful brode
  • On mony bonkkes ful brode Bretayn he settez wyth wynne
  • In þe brode shelle putt youre stuff / but furst haue a sight


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