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What is the meaning of brown in Hindi?

Meaning of brown in Hindi is : साँवला होना

Definition of word brown

  • A colour like that of chocolate or coffee. (noun)
  • One of the colour balls used in snooker with a value of 4 points. (noun)
  • Black tar heroin. (noun)
  • Having a brown colour. (adjective)
  • Gloomy. (adjective)
  • To become brown. (verb)
  • To cook something until it becomes brown. (verb)
  • To tan. (verb)

Examples of word brown

  • The wide acceptation of the term brown has occasioned much confusion in the naming of colours, since broken colours in which red, &c. predominate, have been improperly called brown.
  • The term brown bear is commonly used to refer to the members of this species found in coastal areas where salmon is the primary food source.
  • In Connective Tissue the brown is the bizarre world stuff and the bluish tinted work is the “real world” (or is it?).
  • But they put the tamarind on it which they call brown sauce so it was waaaaay too sweet.
  • Now, for helicopters, which always fly low in the dangerous areas down there, landing is a particularly difficult thing because we have the situation, which we call brown out, which particularly in Afghanistan, dust is kicked up and can really obscure your vision when you're trying to feel those last few feet and dropping a helicopter in the last few feet can cause significant damage there to the whole thing.