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What is the meaning of brush in Hindi?

Meaning of brush in Hindi is : हल्का स्पर्श

Definition of word brush

  • An implement consisting of multiple more or less flexible bristles or other filaments attached to a handle, used for any of various purposes including cleaning, painting, and arranging hair. (noun)
  • To clean with a brush. (verb)

Examples of word brush

    • Lemme brush it awf. *brush brush, brush brush* It doan’t kum awf.
    • _His_ gilding is one part gold to eleven other parts of brass and rubbish, and it has been laid on him with a brush -- _a brush_ -- pah! of course he will be as black as a crock in a few years 'time, whilst I am as bright as when I first was made, and, unless I am burnt as my Cordova burnt its heretics, I shall shine on forever. "
    • A few days before their arrival, Nelson had had what he called a brush with the enemy.
    • He collects pollen with an eye shadow brush from a tree chosen for its flavor, then brushes it on the flower pistil of another tree chosen for its durability or resistance to disease.
    • Restoring his own handle reassuringly to the recharger, he scrounged a manual brush from the medicine cabinet.
    • Obama, by painting all with the same brush is kindling the dangerous depths of the nation's psyche: the politics of envy.
    • This little is, however, quite sufficient to make the hair shine without being enough to damage the hair in any way, provided that the brush is used enough.