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What is the meaning of buffalo in Hindi?

Meaning of buffalo in Hindi is : महिष

Definition of word buffalo

  • Any of the Old World mammals of the family Bovidae, such as the Cape buffalo, Syncerus caffer, or the water buffalo Buabalus bubalis. (noun)
  • A related North American animal, the American bison, Bison bison. (noun)
  • A buffalo robe. (noun)
  • The buffalo fish. (noun)
  • To hunt buffalo. (verb)
  • To outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate. (verb)
  • To pistol-whip. (verb)

Examples of word buffalo

  • Inside the barn Ron sequesters the water buffalo from the goats with a big blue farm gate that leads into the loafing room.
  • Using the same logic as you just did, I could argue that the fact that the economy in buffalo was horrible for most of the 1990s was "an interesting data point that needs some explainin '" to all the economists who tell us that we were in a boom over that time.
  • Hi i live near buffalo, New York and i LOVE the Twilight Saga im like the twilight sagas biggest fan, my mom said they might be filming part of Breaking Dawn in buffalo, new york or in niagra falls is this trueI
  • Oh, shooting a white deer or buffalo is certain to bring forth bad mojo!
  • I live in buffalo county and if you cant kill your share of deer in 9 days you wont do it in 16.


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