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What is the meaning of bugger all in Hindi?

Meaning of bugger all in Hindi is :

Definition of word bugger all

Examples of word bugger all

  • The US gets no oil from the Caspian, and buggerall from the Middle East.
  • It's so unfortunate that my approval means buggerall to them, don't you think?
  • How is the the richest church in the world does comparatively buggerall for the poor and needy?
  • So this is the empowerment Bob was on about, empower his generals and cohorts who know buggerall about farming and the very people who he said he fought the liberation war for has thrown them out of their lively hoods, wonder how that one is caused by the white imperialistic foreign invader farmer?
  • And this woman is just sat on a chair, next to this, doing buggerall.


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