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What is the meaning of building in Hindi?

Meaning of building in Hindi is : हवेली

Definition of word building

  • The act or process of building. (noun)
  • A closed structure with walls and a roof. (noun)
  • Present participle of build. (verb)

Examples of word building

  • GROSS: And in "Crying," it just keeps building and building� Mr. BURNETT: Yeah.
  • [41] We who, in many departments, ways, make _the building up of the masses, _ by _building up grand individuals_, our shibboleth: and in brief that is the marrow of this book.
  • WORDS OF SIMILAR SOUND: canvas (cloth) principle (rule) canvass (all meanings except _cloth_) principal (chief) capitol (a building) stationary (immovable) capital (all meanings except _building_) stationery (articles) counsel (advice or an adviser) miner (a workman) council (a body of persons) minor (under age) complement (a completing element) angel (a spiritual being) compliment (praise) angle (geometrical) 205.
  • ©f the building; Above this wc fee, that each of the* corner towers on the north fide, had a fair newel ftair - cafe at the top of the tower, and that corbels were left for flooring at different ftories of the building*
  • "The nation I'm most interested in building is America."


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