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What is the meaning of built in in Hindi?

Meaning of built in in Hindi is : सन्निहित

Definition of word built in

Examples of word built in

  • If your function enumerates all accepted named arguments, then you can trivially get a dictionary mapping the argument names to their values if you call the builtin function locals () at the beginning of your function.
  • TM: Assert prototype shapes when reading a hole from a dense array instead of calling a builtin bug 481431
  • Nintendo should have used the IOS system, but with some kind of builtin option in the games to launch some kind of external code.
  • You will be wondering how often you use some kind of builtin operator, from my experience this saves from a _lot_ of typing, since in many cases the wanted item is right at the top.
  • The ARM devices that are winning now are those that have builtin memory and storage controllers, Ethernet, USB, IR, and yes, graphics.


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