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What is the meaning of bulkhead in Hindi?

Meaning of bulkhead in Hindi is : भीत

Definition of word bulkhead

  • A vertical partition dividing the hull into separate compartments; often made watertight to prevent excessive flooding if the ship's hull is breached. (noun)
  • A similar partition in an aircraft or spacecraft. (noun)
  • Mechanically, a partition or panel through which connectors pass, or a connector designed to pass through a partition. (noun)
  • A pressure-resistant sealed barrier to any fluid in a large structure. (noun)
  • A retaining wall along a waterfront. (noun)

Examples of word bulkhead

  • And the best seats include exit row seats or seats that in what are known as the bulkhead, the first row of seats.
  • "You apparently decided the bulkhead was a paper hoop and tried to dive through it," said Paresi.
  • This bulkhead, which is about four feet high, should be raised to a height of about eight feet.
  • On a shelf set in the bulkhead was a chart, a telephone receiver, speaking tubes, dials with red and black hands, an array of electrometers, pressure gauges.
  • Along the bulkhead are the fancy cracker boxes, tempting a man to take one every time he goes below, and under the racks are our kerosene and molasses barrels.


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