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What is the meaning of bull in Hindi?

Meaning of bull in Hindi is : सॉँड़

Definition of word bull

  • The uncastrated adult male of domesticated cattle or oxen. (noun)
  • The adult male of certain large mammals, such as whales, elephants and seals. (noun)
  • A large, strong man. (noun)
  • An investor who buys (commodities or securities) in anticipation of a rise in prices. (noun)
  • A policeman. (noun)
  • A male person. (noun)
  • Large and strong, like a bull. (adjective)
  • Of large mammals, male. (adjective)
  • Of a market in which prices are rising (compare bear) (adjective)
  • To force oneself (in a particular direction). (verb)
  • To lie, to tell untruths. (verb)
  • To polish boots to a high shine. (verb)
  • A papal bull, an official document or edict from the Pope. (noun)
  • A seal affixed to a document, especially a document from the Pope. (noun)
  • to publish in a Papal bull (verb)
  • A lie. (noun)
  • Nonsense. (noun)
  • to mock, cheat (verb)
  • a bubble (noun)

Examples of word bull

  • This plastic resin bull is the size of a red blood cell.
  • The name bull trout has a long history, especially in Idaho and Montana, and is the common name chosen by Cavender.
  • But all these, down to the fifteenth century, seem to have been expedited by the papal chancery in the shape of bulls authenticated with leaden seals, and it is common enough to apply the term bull even to those very early papal letters of which we know little more than the substance, independently of the forms under which they were issued.
  • This bull is a really nice 6 point on one side and a rage horn on the other.
  • Whoever started this bull is the worst lier, seriously. o_0


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