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What is the meaning of buoyant in Hindi?

Meaning of buoyant in Hindi is : बहता हुआ

Definition of word buoyant

  • having buoyancy; able to float (adjective)
  • lighthearted and lively (adjective)

Examples of word buoyant

    • Again, I don't want to use the term buoyant as I talked about that last quarter, but we certainly are encouraged.
    • By using a more Nordic looking center table along with plenty of print all around on fabric, the home exudes a certain buoyant charm and beauty.
    • Five hundred and seventy years later Frankfurt-am-Main, on October 5, 2010, found publishers from across the globe "in buoyant mood," according to London's Guardian newspaper last week -- having banished 2009's "mood of austerity," and busy toasting Alfred Knopf's advance of $2.5 million to a second-time Indian novelist Kiran Desai.
    • QUIST-ARCTON: Nevertheless, expectations remain buoyant, as Ghana prepares to start pumping oil.
    • Being buoyant is fine, but it shouldn't mean school science courses veer toward Christian doctrine.


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