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What is the meaning of burden in Hindi?

Meaning of burden in Hindi is : लादना

Definition of word burden

  • A heavy load. (noun)
  • A responsibility, onus. (noun)
  • A cause of worry. (noun)
  • A phrase or theme that recurs at the end of each verse in a folk song or ballad; the drone of a bagpipe. (noun)
  • Theme, core idea. (noun)
  • To encumber with a burden (in any of the noun senses of the word). (verb)
  • A club (weapon). (noun)

Examples of word burden

  • He must bear his burden -- the _burden of detection and of punishment_ -- alone.
  • Indeed, much research on carers of ill people already uses the term burden to describe the ill person's needs in relation to the carer without understanding their relationship and questioning the use of a value laden term.
  • Wallace has accepted that the burden is hers; she must care for her son for the rest of her life.
  • Laura Perez Maestro, a 29-year-old journalist at CNN, notes that women are still seen as a burden at work, because of maternity leave which, at 16-weeks, barely warrants the word "burden".
  • I'm sure sending an entire population to another state because Jay thinks they are a burden is the right solution.


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