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What is the meaning of burse in Hindi?

Meaning of burse in Hindi is :

Definition of word burse

  • A purse. (noun)
  • A fund or foundation for the maintenance of the needy scholars in their studies. (noun)
  • An ornamental case to hold the corporal when not in use. (noun)
  • A stock exchange; a bourse. (noun)
  • A kind of bazaar. (noun)

Examples of word burse

  • The burse, which is simply a cover used to keep the corporal from being soiled, and which for that reason was known in Old English as a "corporas-case", is somewhat older.
  • The "burse" is a square, stiff pocket of silk over cardboard, in which the Altar-linen is carried to and from the Altar.
  • "burse" (Lat. _bursa_, Gr. [Greek: borsa], bag of skin) is particularly used of the embroidered purse which is one of the insignia of office of the lord high chancellor of England, and of the pouch which in the Roman Church contains the "corporal" in the service of the Mass.
  • When Father arrives at the altar he removes the corporal from the burse and unfolds it on the mensa, placing the chalice which he has carried with him on top of the corporal.
  • The deacon rises and goes to the credence, where he takes the burse with the corporal in it, and a purificator, and goes to the altar.


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