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What is the meaning of businesswomen in Hindi?

Meaning of businesswomen in Hindi is :

Definition of word businesswomen

  • Plural form of businesswoman. (noun)

Examples of word businesswomen

  • "We work harder than those so-called businesswomen!"
  • She is pandering to the ladies by announcing she is a successful business 'businesswomen' instead of a business person.
  • I bump into an eastern European businesswomen I know whose conversational strategy consists of staring at you a bit awkwardly until a chance to mention her product arises.
  • To achieve this, we're going to partner with other companies, governments and civil society organizations to bring all of our skills and resources to bear to help break down the barriers that small businesswomen face.
  • Some of the City's most successful businesswomen went to all-girls' schools.


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