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What is the meaning of busload in Hindi?

Meaning of busload in Hindi is :

Definition of word busload

  • The amount that can fit on a bus. (noun)

Examples of word busload

  • Life Without Lawyers is knit together with the kinds of stories that make law-school graduates want to laugh right along with that joke about what you call a busload of lawyers at the bottom of the ocean.
  • On one of the tours of the countryside our busload was a little UN with 35 of us from Guatamala, Uroguay, Costa Rico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Portugal, USA and Canada.
  • While a 'really cool mullah' who had offered to host a 'busload' of mourners for the day told her: 'Iran needs a Renaissance!!!!!!!!!!'
  • A busload of third-year junior high school students are gassed, and wake up in an ominous classroom with a cruel and eerily casual instructor.
  • Raised in an irreligious family, he found himself "skeptical and guarded" in the village of Medjugorje, where visions of the Virgin Mary have been reported, drawing pilgrims by the busload.


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