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What is the meaning of bustle in Hindi?

Meaning of bustle in Hindi is : हड़बड़ाना

Definition of word bustle

  • An excited activity; a stir. (noun)
  • A cover to protect and hide the back panel of a computer or other office machine. (noun)
  • A frame worn underneath a woman's skirt. (noun)
  • To move busily and energetically with fussiness (often followed by about). (verb)
  • To teem or abound (usually followed by with); to exhibit an energetic and active abundance (of a thing). See also bustle with. (verb)

Examples of word bustle

  • As the last melodies faded away, I heard a bustle from the doorway.
  • All hurry or bustle is peculiarly painful to the sick.
  • It is true, the populace retained themselves; but there arose a perpetual hum and bustle from the throng round the palace, which added to the noise of fireworks, the frequent explosion of arms, the tramp to and fro of horsemen and carriages, to which effervescence he was the focus, retarded his recovery.
  • There is an air of cold, solitary desolation about the noiseless streets which we are accustomed to see thronged at other times by a busy, eager crowd, and over the quiet, closely – shut buildings, which throughout the day are swarming with life and bustle, that is very impressive.
  • It was cut low over the bosom and the skirt was draped back over an enormous bustle and on the bustle was a huge bunch of pink velvet roses.


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