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What is the meaning of calvary in Hindi?

Meaning of calvary in Hindi is : यातना

Definition of word calvary

  • A life-size representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on a piece of raised ground (noun)
  • A series of representations of Christ’s Passion in a church (noun)
  • A strenuous experience (noun)

Examples of word calvary

  • The word calvary is a Latin word meaning skull, or place of skulls.
  • DeMint, you guys had your chance at a compromise, now the calvary is here.
  • The calvary is still not here yet, but I have begun to hear the hooves and were almost a week out.
  • The triumphal arch and ossuary are very inferior to St. Thégonnec, but the calvary is a magnificent monument, unequalled in Brittany, richly sculptured and ornamented.
  • Just the same as before -- a little "calvary" at one end of the garden and a rough picture of a Madonna in an arbor, the long, echoing corridors spotless as the deck of a man-of-war, and the smiling faces making a very flower-garden of the community-room.


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