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What is the meaning of calyx in Hindi?

Meaning of calyx in Hindi is : बाह्य दल पुंज

Definition of word calyx

  • A cup-like structure in the mammalian kidney. (noun)
  • The outermost whorl of flower parts, comprising the sepals, when it is not the same in appearance as the next such whorl (the corolla). (noun)
  • The crown of a crinoid. (noun)

Examples of word calyx

  • When the blossoms fall the apples stand upright on the tree, and the little pointed leaves that are on the blossom end of the apples, that we call the calyx, are all open, and at that time you can spray so as to get the arsenate of lead on the inside.
  • It appears the tiny, crimson point of the bud which protrudes from the calyx is very sensitive, and more easily blighted by frost than any other bud.
  • Blossoms single – calyx is urn-shaped, narrowing at the top – to its lining are fastened pistils and stamens – corolla consists of five (generally) broad petals, varying in colour from white to deep rose pink – buds are deep pink – fruit crimson in the autumn.
  • In the cherry, peach and apple, the calyx is a cup or tube with the upper edge divided into lobes.
  • Above the calyx is a broad spreading corolla which is white or brightly colored and is divided into several distinct parts called petals.


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