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What is the meaning of candid in Hindi?

Meaning of candid in Hindi is : स्पस्ष्टवादी

Definition of word candid

  • Impartial and free from prejudice. (adjective)
  • Straightforward, open and sincere. (adjective)
  • Not posed or rehearsed. (adjective)
  • A spontaneous or unposed photograph. (noun)

Examples of word candid

  • The White House said the president wants to continue building what he termed a candid, constructive and cooperative bilateral relationship with China.
  • But the more his moral guilt is examined the blacker it will appear, and the late publication, which you call candid, I believe has been true and full owing to careless superintendence.
  • I brought this up in candid discussion, and the responses I'd gotten from my wife and 23 year-old daughter distilled to, "I really don't like dealing with gun salesmen!"
  • And in candid all-knowledge of the other, "I do not mind."
  • At the same time, the temptation after Tuesday — one that comes through occasionally in candid conversations with party leaders — will be to simply look past the next two years to the potential political bonanza that awaits Republicans in 2012.


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