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What is the meaning of candlestick in Hindi?

Meaning of candlestick in Hindi is : शमादान

Definition of word candlestick

  • a holder with a socket or spike for a candle (noun)

Examples of word candlestick

  • The candlestick is empty, for Christ is the Light of the world.
  • The gargoyle candlestick is a reminder of my interest in the Gothic.
  • The candlestick is not light, but the bearer of light, holding it forth to give light around.
  • We withheld key evidence, so if you’re trying to figure out who killed Professor Plum, we haven’t shown you that the candlestick is even a potential murder weapon yet.
  • Attached to the top of the candlestick was a golden bowl filled with the purest olive oil, to be used for the candlestick in the


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