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What is the meaning of cannibalise in Hindi?

Meaning of cannibalise in Hindi is :

Definition of word cannibalise

  • To eat (parts of) another of one's own species. (verb)
  • To remove parts of (a machine, etc) for use in other similar machines. (verb)

Examples of word cannibalise

    • "(Also) I think we need to be careful about the use of the word 'cannibalise' which brings with it an imputation of bad behaviour."
    • "cannibalise" doctors and patients from existing general practices.
    • "cannibalise" when asking about the possibility super clinics would poach doctors.
    • The split favours both films because they can't cannibalise each other.
    • It's possible, the two will cannibalise each other's markets, or that the cheaper handheld will draw complaints about the price point of the more expensive machine.


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