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What is the meaning of cannibalize in Hindi?

Meaning of cannibalize in Hindi is :

Definition of word cannibalize

  • Alternative form of cannibalise. (verb)

Examples of word cannibalize

  • You cannibalize and that's why we use the term cannibalize because that's exactly what is happening not only to us, but to others.
  • The problem is that banks may be reluctant to "cannibalize" on their overdraft fee income with lower-cost loans, Bair wrote in a 2005 report when she taught at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
  • And now we arrive at a juncture where the budget crisis ostensibly is being used as cover to "cannibalize" the state's education system, quite possibly in an irreparable manner.
  • Sales of Xience, a drug-eluting stent, or DES, acquired from Guidant, may "cannibalize" Boston Scientific's Taxus sales but appears manageable, according to the Morgan Stanley analyst.
  • This year, Munster estimated, Verizon stands to "cannibalize" the sales of 6.5 million iPhones that might have been sold by AT&T.
  • Reiner said he expects the iPad to "cannibalize" sales of competitors who are trying to sell netbooks.
  • In addition to the netbook data, Huberty released another chart showing which other device categories iPad would "cannibalize" (with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, no doubt).
  • His intent, he said, is to attract new people to yoga rather than "cannibalize" the existing market by taking other studios 'customers.