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What is the meaning of cannonade in Hindi?

Meaning of cannonade in Hindi is : गोलाबारी

Definition of word cannonade

  • Firing artillery in a large amount for a length of time . (noun)
  • To discharge artillery fire. (verb)

Examples of word cannonade

    • But I hadn't time to feel too satisfied, for in that moment there was a new thunderous cannonade from the Russians, much closer now; the whistle of shot sounded overhead, there was a great babble of shouting and orders from the cavalry behind me, the calls of the Lights and Heavies sounded, and the whole mass of our horse began to move off westward, retiring again.
    • Clouds of brown smoke from burning corn and the thatched root's of villages rolled across the battlefield under a gentle westerly breeze, streaked at intervals with the black, oily discharge of a flaming tank; the continuous rattle and chatter of small-arms fire was overlaid by a steady cannonade from the Russian 76-mm. 's and the scream of Katyusha rockets; periodically the high-pitched slap of the 88-mm. 's told of the Tigers 'defending themselves some three to four miles away.
    • What air there was might touch all alike, but would affect least the "Lawrence," "Detroit," and "Queen Charlotte," because their sails were being rent; and also they were in the centre of the cannonade, which is believed usually to kill the breeze.
    • The great "artillery duel," as American writers are so fond of calling what used to be termed a cannonade, seems to have astounded the Federal organs into something like frankness and veracity.
    • As the season gets later, the birds do not shift their ground so frequently; and, moreover, getting scared by the eternal cannonade which is kept up, they fly very high when they do cross.


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