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What is the meaning of canted in Hindi?

Meaning of canted in Hindi is :

Definition of word canted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of cant. (verb)
  • Having angles. (adjective)
  • Inclined at an angle to something else; sloping. (adjective)

Examples of word canted

  • What is the reason for the askew or 'canted' framing in this clip?
  • You can see it from street level, too, as you emerge from the Waterfront Metro station, a bold expanse of canted glass, supported by inclined wooden columns and capped by a shimmering, white, cloudlike roof.
  • The Grongorgan ship sat; canted and smoking disproportionate smoke.
  • The front facade will be of glass hung in channels from the roof, reaching down to a lower edge that is canted up to allow a wedge of outdoor plaza where playgoers and public can mingle.
  • Time is normally not a big factor in that we spend a resonable amount being certain that the wind and range are right, the gun is not canted, and the animal is standing at the proper angle dead still.


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