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What is the meaning of cantilever in Hindi?

Meaning of cantilever in Hindi is : लटका हुआ

Definition of word cantilever

  • A beam anchored at one end and projecting into space, such as a long bracket projecting from a wall to support a balcony. (noun)
  • To project in the manner of a cantilever, or to project (something) by means of a cantilever (verb)

Examples of word cantilever

    • The construction of the arched roof is on the plan which engineers know as the cantilever, and not that of the Roman arch.
    • They together form what is called a cantilever; if you lay the letter V on its side, the open end will represent roughly the place where the arch and girders start from the tower.
    • And with the change came the bridging - over period -- the kind of cantilever which hope thrusts out from one side of the bank of the swift-flowing stream of adversity in the belief that somebody on the other side of the chasm will build the other half, and the two form a highway leading to a change of scene and renewed prosperity.
    • Comment on Free beer & hotdogs at the Gowanus Yacht Club this weekend by Jacqueline Jones Comment on Watty & Meg to replace Caffé Carciofo by Cobble Hill Blog » Watty & Meg signage going up right now Studio for Civil Architecture has created a proposal for enclosing the BQE cantilever which is schedule for
    • Indeed, during the same period, inconsistencies and difficulties of using standard, "cantilever" approximations were realised and a true elastic solution was obviously needed to settle the controversy.


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