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What is the meaning of canting in Hindi?

Meaning of canting in Hindi is : छली

Definition of word canting

  • Present participle of cant. (verb)

Examples of word canting

  • Evident since the fourteenth century, a submerged tradition of poems written in canting speech has developed with increasing resonance, sometimes in conjunction with the dominant literary tradition.
  • The re-canting is irrelevant, nobody believed him from day one which was long before Bushie invaded Iraq.
  • If he prayed, or gave them good counsel, they would banter it, and call it canting; if he kept silence from good, when the wicked were before him, they would say that he had forgotten his religion now that he was sick.
  • We must therefore be content with the word canting for arms which include pictorial puns.
  • Both bearings are founded on what is called canting heraldry, a species of art disowned by the writers on the science, yet universally made use of by those who practise the art of blazonry.


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