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What is the meaning of cants in Hindi?

Meaning of cants in Hindi is :

Definition of word cants

  • Plural form of cant. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cant. (verb)

Examples of word cants

    • Time to stuff a boot in the ass of the Republi'cants 'and take this one back for the working man.
    • As long as the Republi "cants" or the Democ "rats" run this country, we'll never have a 3rd party president.
    • I agree but isn't "sad, witless and clueless, leftover republi'cants 'a case of excessive redundancy?
    • The sets, imported from Glyndebourne opera, are chillingly spare: A huge set of French doors cants and spins on a hoist above the stage, gigantic dead branches descend and ascend, and a merry-go-round of furniture and gravesites appear and disappear.
    • By selecting the pedal with the appropriate spindle length and building up whatever manner of adapter plates, extender plates, shims, and cants the rider may require, the fitter develops a fit “prescription” for the rider.


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