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What is the meaning of canty in Hindi?

Meaning of canty in Hindi is :

Definition of word canty

  • lively; cheerful; merry; brisk (adjective)

Examples of word canty

  • He was declared to be the same "canty" fellow as ever, and, though he had risen greatly in the world, he was "not a bit set up."
  • He was enjoying his sartorial liaison with the spirited young woman—the cheek of that canty “I should like to thank the rescuer” still glowed in his head—and he wanted nothing to disturb it.
  • They took after us, of course, and we led them a canty chase uphill and through burns and over rocks and such; and all the while the rest of Dougal's men were making off over the border wi 'the kine.
  • “Did I know Kate Happer?” replied the widow; “as well as the beggar knows his dish — a canty quean was Kate, and a special cummer of my ain maybe twenty years syne.”
  • My mother lived till eighty, a canty dame to the last.