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What is the meaning of canvass in Hindi?

Meaning of canvass in Hindi is : स‌ंयाचना

Definition of word canvass

  • A solicitation of voters or public opinion. (noun)
  • To solicit voters or opinions. (verb)
  • To conduct a survey. (verb)
  • To campaign. (verb)

Examples of word canvass

  • “Allow me to present Skeletor,” with a grand flourish, he pulled a canvass from the large cloaked object dominating the small lab.
  • The blue canvass is one that I won in a photography competition.
  • How she compresses the grandeur and majesty of her subjects onto the canvass is only outdone by the breathtaking awe the viewer is participant to when standing before an original Fanucci.
  • Sounds like five '2's and three' 3's, in canvass rating terms.
  • "Then they proceeded to what they called the canvass of the votes in the Legislature, not canvassing legal returns of voters in any legal form, but a canvass on the ground of newspaper reports, wild guesses, and forged affidavits.


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