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What is the meaning of capability in Hindi?

Meaning of capability in Hindi is : सामर्थ्य

Definition of word capability

  • The power or ability to generate an outcome. (noun)

Examples of word capability

  • The end of negative capability is to create something beyond one's usual or conscious (affirmative?) capabilityÂ… like that splendid Satan whose star of morning so outshines God's sun and son.
  • $capability as whatever capability you would normally use.
  • To date, I have to admit that I have no clear idea of what the term "capability" means.
  • Some of the pilots I spoke to described the F‑22 as such a huge leap in capability that it ought to be considered not a fifth-generation fighter, one step up from the F‑15, but sixth-generation.
  • For modern phones like iPhone and others the HD capability is already there and might be switched with a software update.


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