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What is the meaning of captivate in Hindi?

Meaning of captivate in Hindi is : वशी करना

Definition of word captivate

  • To attract and hold interest and attention of; charm. (verb)

Examples of word captivate

  • We tossed to the fish humbugs of wool, silk, and feathers, gauds such as captivate the greedy or the guileless.
  • Another apparently had the word "captivate" confused with something else, but darned if I can figure out what: "Furthermore, many families found that having [a popular fictional television family] captivated as a cartoon was inappropriate because it wold target the viewers of children."
  • Treasure Hunt: one of several vintage gameshows to captivate the attention of Enter4entertainment staff.
  • “Consummate storyteller Jeffries pens another title in the School for Heiresses series that is destined to captivate readers with its sensuality and wonderfully enchanting plot.”
  • SAN'A — Hundreds of protesters marched in each of Yemen's two biggest cities, the capital San'a and the port city of Aden, demonstrating in solidarity with the Egyptian uprising, which continues to captivate the Arab world and put pressure on other autocratic regimes in region.


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