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What is the meaning of captors in Hindi?

Meaning of captors in Hindi is :

Definition of word captors

  • Plural form of captor. (noun)

Examples of word captors

  • He had irritated his captors from the beginning, partly because of his disregard for their outward show of Islamic piety.
  • Andrew Jaspan is editor-in-chief of The Age, Australia's most Left-wing daily newspaper, and on ABC radio on Wednesday said how "boorish" and "coarse" Wood was at his press conference this week when he called his captors "a---holes".
  • Miela spoke without fear of our captors understanding the English words.
  • At no point are you offered the protection of the Geneva Conventions (to which your captors are a signatory), which were designed to prevent the "humiliating and degrading treatment" of prisoners seized during wartime, and also to prevent their interrogation (prisoners may be questioned, but any form of "physical or mental coercion" is prohibited).
  • One of her captors is the father of that 3-year-old.


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