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What is the meaning of capture in Hindi?

Meaning of capture in Hindi is : हथियाना

Definition of word capture

  • An act of capturing. (noun)
  • Something that has been captured; a captive. (noun)
  • To take control of. (verb)
  • To store (as in sounds or image) for later revisitation. (verb)
  • To reproduce convincingly. (verb)
  • To remove or take control of an opponent’s piece in a game (e.g., chess, go, checkers). (verb)

Examples of word capture

  • This capture is the result of an operation which began with the capture in Lázaro Cardenes, Michoacán of 19 tons of psuedoefedrina which came from China and which is used in the manufacture of "crystal" and metafetaminas; psycho trophic drugs.
  • If the capture is al Qaeda, then he would have to be self deluding to believe that he was being held "unjustly."
  • The court could simply apply the Quirin decision holding that the 5th and 6th Amendments do not apply to unlawful belligerents facing a military commission to the status hearings which determine whether the capture is an unlawful combatant.
  • And what exactly did the Eagle mean by the word capture'did he understand that the word was usually interpreted in a hostile manner?
  • Among the disasters suffered at various times by the town, its capture from the English and subsequent pillage by French troops under du


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