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What is the meaning of card in Hindi?

Meaning of card in Hindi is : सूची

Definition of word card

  • A playing card. (noun)
  • To check IDs at a venue with a minimum age requirement. (verb)

Examples of word card

    • When a lane, _i. e._, one entire ray of the star, is opened out, the place of the _inner_ card may be filled by _one card_ from the third circle.
    • j = (int) (Math. random () * suit. length); card = card+ "of" +suit [j]; return card; my hw is due tmr so please help me.
    • V. ii.114 (330,6) the card or calendar of gentry] The general preceptor of elegance; the _card_ by which a gentleman is to direct his course; the _calendar_ by which he is to choose his time, that what he does may be both excellent and seasonable.
    • But unlike credit, whose Latin form was inherited from Indo-European, the word card ultimately reflects borrowing into Latin from Ancient Greek.
    • That kind of thing, a series of them, all starting with a title card that read, “Setting the Record Straight.”
    • After the title card offered the apology, we see Steven questioning an auditioner whose last name is Muck.
    • The title card has barely passed and already it seems obvious that I'm watching these films in the wrong order.
    • Playing the race card is code for we are losing the debate.