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What is the meaning of cardiac in Hindi?

Meaning of cardiac in Hindi is : हृद्

Definition of word cardiac

  • Pertaining to the heart. (adjective)
  • A medicine that excites action in the stomach. (noun)

Examples of word cardiac

    • Each year we receive more than 400 inquiries from families outside the U.S. seeking treatment in cardiac care, cancer care, endocrinology, orthopaedics, neurology, plastic surgery, urology and many other areas.
    • Plants that contain cardiac glycoside can cause changes in the rate or rhythm of your child's heart.
    • The number of Internet searches, blog posts and amateur videos about Jackson — from heartfelt tributes to expressions of disbelief — have skyrocketed since the pop icon was found in cardiac arrest inside his Los Angeles home on Thursday.
    • Ambulance arrives at 5: 38 to find child in cardiac arrest.
    • Every technological form of support and treatment available in cardiac care is available here.
    • Detection of a 22q11. 2 deletion in cardiac patients suggests a risk for velopharyngeal incompetence.
    • And he basically said America's Gulf Coast is in cardiac arrest and the system is breaking down, not from one thing but everything.
    • A combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions delivered to victims thought to be in cardiac arrest, to save their life.
    • I wove through research about this syndrome, which is characterized by a cardiac electrical glitch.