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What is the meaning of care in Hindi?

Meaning of care in Hindi is : हिफ़ाज़त

Definition of word care

  • Grief, sorrow. (noun)
  • Close attention; concern; responsibility (noun)
  • worry (noun)
  • maintenance, upkeep (noun)
  • The treatment of those in need (especially as a profession) (noun)
  • the state of being cared for by others (noun)
  • To be concerned about, have an interest in. (verb)
  • To look after. (verb)
  • To be mindful of. (verb)
  • Polite or formal way to say want. (verb)

Examples of word care

  • This is why when people ask me what to do about health care, one of my proposals is to heavily tax any form of _primary care_ insurance so that very few people have it.
  • VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Iraq and Afghanistan veterans sue US govt. over \'poor care\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' US veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suing the government, claiming inadequate care is leading to an increase in suicides. '
  • To make men love you for the sport of it, and not to care when they kill themselves for your sake, -- truly _not to care_?
  • Clinical audit: a quality improvement process to improve patient care& outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria& the implementation of change
  • But I do care if he is trying to get us in a war..didn’t balance the budget…weakened the dollar…and advocated bad laws…I want a president who cares about the health of people,and the health of the economy..care for the environment…get us out of debt..and work in harmony with opposition parties and groups.


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