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What is the meaning of caress in Hindi?

Meaning of caress in Hindi is : लाड़

Definition of word caress

  • An act or expression of affection; Endearment. (noun)
  • A gentle stroking or rubbing. (noun)
  • To touch or kiss lovingly; to fondle. (verb)
  • To show and act on deep closeness shared with another person. (verb)
  • To affect as if with a caress. (verb)

Examples of word caress

  • Indeed, the touching touch of the caress is touching (without touching) on the untouchable as inviolable, and the one stroking is always masculine and the stroked one (the untouchable) feminine
  • A caress might be a grope if it comes from an unwanted hand.
  • Roused Death: Death rose and smiled, and met her vain caress. xxvi
  • In the one case, such a caress is a bit of heaven to a husband, in the other it is a bit of hell!
  • She went back, and with her hand upon his shoulder, leaned against him; and he put his arm around her, and drew her close, very close; and in the caress was the promise she asked.


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