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What is the meaning of cargo in Hindi?

Meaning of cargo in Hindi is : स्थोरा

Definition of word cargo

  • Freight carried by a ship, aircraft etc. (noun)
  • Western material goods. (noun)

Examples of word cargo

    • So impressed, in fact, that a new religion was born out of the old beliefs: the worship of ‘cargo’ cargo is pidgin for goods of any kind.
    • The freight cars get priority, * even though their cargo is usually a little less time sensitive than people.
    • University of Sheffield is developing what it calls a cargo-screening ferret that uses a combination of laser and fiber-optic technology to sniff out the tiniest traces of drugs, weapons, explosives and even illegal immigrants.
    • So instead of writing new material today, I was rewriting scenes I wrote in the past couple of days, to ensure that I got one character (and important ... let's call it "cargo") into orbit where they have to be for the rest of the book to pan out the way I envision.
    • A friend of ours, a Mexican, returned from the US and met us in cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and untied jogging shoes .... we teased him unmercifully that he had turned into a gringo.


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