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What is the meaning of carillon in Hindi?

Meaning of carillon in Hindi is : घण्टा―वाद्य

Definition of word carillon

  • A set of bells, often in a bell tower, sometimes operated by means of a keyboard (manual or pedal), originating from the Low Countries. (noun)
  • A tune adapted to be played by musical bells. (noun)

Examples of word carillon

    • I think the thing with "carillon" is that it is a whole range of different sounds ... each coins strikes a different note as it hits the others ... a chime is surely a single note?
    • It was a carillon, that is, a continued mass of real music, in which whole tunes, songs, and elaborate pieces of such length, mass and harmony, as only a choir of many voices, a band of music, or an orchestra of many performers could produce.
    • It evolved into what is now known as the carillon - the world's heaviest musical instrument!
    • Come down to Hyde Park Sunday at 6pm for a carillon is a huge, ancient instrument which appears to be made out of bells of varying sizes.
    • Apparently if bells play a recognisable tune, they are different kind of bells and it's called a carillon or something.


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