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What is the meaning of cartwright in Hindi?

Meaning of cartwright in Hindi is : छकडा बनानेवाला

Definition of word cartwright

  • An English occupational surname for someone who made carts. (proper noun)

Examples of word cartwright

  • Greg Cartwright is a garage rock industry unto himself, an underground icon who's been cranking out hard-charging romps for two decades with bands such as the Oblivians, the Reigning Sound and the Compulsive Gamblers.
  • Veronica Cartwright is the sister of Angela Cartwright who played Penny Robinson on the original “Lost in Space”. how’s that for useless informaton?
  • Police are attempting to locate the owner of the kitten, who has been dubbed Cartwright by Fairfield police.
  • "Cartwright," said he, "we want a committee to go in and stay with our people."