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What is the meaning of case in Hindi?

Meaning of case in Hindi is : हालत

Definition of word case

  • A box that contains or can contain a number of identical items of manufacture. (noun)
    एक बॉक्स जिसमें निर्माण की कई समान वस्तुएं होती हैं या हो सकती हैं।
  • The last remaining card of a particular rank. (adjective)
    किसी विशेष रैंक का अंतिम शेष कार्ड।
  • To place (an item or items of manufacture) into a box, as in preparation for shipment. (verb)
    शिपमेंट की तैयारी के रूप में, एक बॉक्स में (एक वस्तु या निर्माण की वस्तु) रखना।

Examples of word case

  • In either case, the blood will reflow upon the heart, and dilate the left ventricle, as in _case the first_, and others; and, if the mitral valves be thickened and rigid, the left auricle will be more dilated than in a case of simple aneurism of the left ventricle, as appeared also in the _first case_.
  • Evidence and economic theory suggests that control of the Internet by the phone and cable companies would lead to blocking of competing technologies (as in theMadison River case), blocking of innovative technologiesthat may not even compete with the phone/cablecartel (according to Comcast itself, theComcast/BitTorrent case would be an example), andincreased spying on Internet users.
  • So, when we place a noun before a verb as actor or subject, we say it is in the _nominative case_; but when it follows a transitive verb or preposition, we say it has another _case_; that is, it assumes a new _position_ or _situation_ in the sentence: and this we call the _objective_ case.
  • +_Remember_+ that a noun or pronoun used as an _explanatory modifier_ is in the same case as the word which it explains, and that a noun or pronoun used _independently_ is in the _nominative case_.
  • If it be ‘case’ (I choose it as Jargon’s dearest child—‘in Heaven yclept Metonomy’) turn to the dictionary, if you will, and seek out what meaning can be derived from casus, its Latin ancestor: then try how, with a little trouble, you can extricate yourself from that case.
  • It says ‘In the case of John Jenkins deceased, the coffin’ when it means ‘John Jenkins’s coffin’: and its yea is not yea, neither is its nay nay: but its answer is in the affirmative or in the negative, as the foolish and superfluous ‘case’ may be.
  • But here are a few specimens far, very far, worse: —The special difficulty in Professor Minocelsi’s case [our old friend ‘case’ again] arose in connexion with the view he holds relative to the historical value of the opening pages of Genesis.