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What is the meaning of castaway in Hindi?

Meaning of castaway in Hindi is : बहिष्कृत

Definition of word castaway

  • Cast adrift or ashore; marooned. (adjective)
  • Shipwrecked. (adjective)
  • A shipwrecked sailor. (noun)
  • A discarded person or thing. (noun)
  • An outcast; someone cast out of a group or society. (noun)

Examples of word castaway

  • Sometimes, the castaway is solely focused on finding the idol and sometimes conditions – weather, fatigue – prevent the castaway from being able to really look for it.
  • The search for a missing castaway ends in tragedy when the castaway is found dead; the person that finds the body is blamed for the death by Jack, who again finds a way to shift partial blame on Locke.
  • Kirsty Young's castaway is American crime writer James Ellroy.
  • To save others and be oneself a castaway is the terrible fate of which St. Paul saw so clearly the possibility; and thus any one who is conscious of the dramatic sense, or even dimly suspects that it is there, ought to pray very humbly to be delivered from it, as he would from any other darling bosom-sin.
  • The next day was spent on our own private Island called castaway beach ... name says it all really!


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