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What is the meaning of catercorner in Hindi?

Meaning of catercorner in Hindi is :

Definition of word catercorner

Examples of word catercorner

  • Forrest J Ackerman November 24, 1916 ââ ‚ ¬â€œ December 4, 2008 I still remember the moment I first spotted Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine at a corner drugstore in Indianapolis, catercorner from the Glendale Shopping Mall.
  • And five houses further on, catercorner from his house, Mrs. Wese, her fox fur over her nightgown, was peering out for her husband, who was taking an unusually long time today.
  • Things she approved: a clockwork wisteria that bloomed at the third hours of day and night, a great tiger with emerald eyes and catercorner stripes, a statue of a gilded horse that allowed no rain to touch it, and a ceramic jar that foretold earthquakes, eclipses and tidal waves.
  • When Domingo attempted to lead him through rocky ground, he chose their path, heading catercorner instead of directly ahead, navigating the worst of the fields.
  • From the center of its torso, a razor tongue extruded suddenly, lunging catercorner at its intended victim.


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