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What is the meaning of cates in Hindi?

Meaning of cates in Hindi is : मोहनभोग

Definition of word cates

  • Provisions; food; viands; especially, luxurious food; delicacies; dainties. (noun)

Examples of word cates

  • Advo-cates for battered women claim it would also make it harder for women to leave abusive or violent relationships -- especially if they feared reprisals for testifying to abuse in court.
  • But we must bribe children to wholesome medicine by the offer of cates, and youth to honourable achievement with the promise of pleasure.
  • His paneled of? ce sports several framed certi? cates distinguishing him for his efforts as an insurance agent, but they aren't helping him now.
  • The dearest cates are best, and 'tis an ordinary thing to bestow twenty or thirty pounds on a dish, some thousand crowns upon a dinner:
  • Next were victual brought unto her of broth and venison, and good wine and cates and strawberries; and she was not so famished but she might eat and drink with a good will.


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