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What is the meaning of catsup in Hindi?

Meaning of catsup in Hindi is : कैचप

Definition of word catsup

  • Alternative form of ketchup. (noun)

Examples of word catsup

  • Cutting school funding using deceptive practices, like declaring catsup is a vegetable?
  • So the catsup was a rare item, but a valued prize nonetheless.
  • I wonder if using catsup, which is quite high in vinegar, would have been better.
  • If you'll believe me, that woman once turned her second-cousin's sister-in-law into a mushroom, and somebody picked her, and she was made into catsup, which is a thing no man likes to have happen in his family!
  • Back in the 60s (I think), tomato sauce was called "catsup," and the definition of great catsup was its low viscosity (i.e. it poured really easily, was very thin and watery).


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