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What is the meaning of cause in Hindi?

Meaning of cause in Hindi is : हेतुक

Definition of word cause

  • The source or reason of an event or action (noun)
    किसी घटना या क्रिया का स्रोत या कारण
  • To set off an event or action. (verb)
    किसी घटना या क्रिया को बंद करना।

Examples of word cause

    • Maybe I could be a singer, cause I didn't really start singing until I was pretty old, 'cause I didn't have no apparent talent for it.
    • (Soundbite of song, "You're A Rich Girl") HALL & OATES (Musicians, Singer-songwriters): (Singing) ... never be strong cause, you're a rich girl, rich girl, and you've gone too far 'cause you know it don't matter anyway, rich girl.
    • I say that cause that's how I'm going to move on and keep going and 'cause in a lot of ways it is fine.
    • Maybe I'm nuts, maybe it's cause I'm an island boy through and through, or maybe the astrologists have something after all, and it's 'cause I'm a water sign, but whatever it is, days like this feel a lot more like vacation than the sunny ones for me.
    • Why'd you gots to cause wank just 'cause there isn't any, huh?
    • Although Aristotle is careful to distinguish four different kinds of cause (or four different senses of ˜cause™), it is important to note that he claims that one and the same thing can be a cause in more than one sense.
    • Stopped reading at that point – ‘cause if WAG can’t get it by now God help Wales 'cause WAG is not helping.
    • I figured it's cause they forgot to eat and because they're keyed up and nervous -- not necessarily 'cause they're thinking.