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What is the meaning of cave in Hindi?

Meaning of cave in Hindi is : सुरंग करना

Definition of word cave

  • A large, naturally-occurring cavity formed underground, or in the face of a cliff or a hillside. (noun)
  • A hole, depression, or gap in earth or rock, whether natural or man-made. (noun)
  • A storage cellar, especially for wine or cheese. (noun)
  • A place of retreat, such as a man cave. (noun)
  • A naturally-occurring cavity in bedrock which is large enough to be entered by an adult. (noun)
  • A shielded area where nuclear experiments can be carried out. (noun)
  • Debris, particularly broken rock, which falls into a drill hole and interferes with drilling. (noun)
  • A collapse or cave-in. (noun)
  • The vagina. (noun)
  • A group that breaks from a larger political party or faction on a particular issue. (noun)
  • To surrender. (verb)
  • To collapse. (verb)
  • To hollow out or undermine. (verb)
  • To engage in the recreational exploration of caves; to spelunk. (verb)
  • In room-and-pillar mining, to extract a deposit of rock by breaking down a pillar which had been holding it in place. (verb)
  • To work over tailings to dress small pieces of marketable ore. (verb)
  • look out!; beware! (interjection)

Examples of word cave

  • I love Bass Pro and Cabelas but Bass pro make better products themselves. example reels. but cabelas bargain cave is just awesome. i will only buy something from cabelas if it is in their. in the end bass pro is better in my opinion.
  • Even with this system, the temperature in the cave is a stifling 40 degrees C!
  • The front of the cave is a finished house, but there is plenty of room for expansion in the back.
  • If the carpet in your cave is also your primary means of transportation, then you might be a towelhead, my friend!
  • At the cave is a crowd of people with all kinds of grievances gathered, an army of frustrated people, people in distress, but David is boosting the faithfulness of God, in order that they, too, will rejoice.


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