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What is the meaning of cede in Hindi?

Meaning of cede in Hindi is : हार मानना

Definition of word cede

  • To give up, give way, give away. (verb)

Examples of word cede

  • A rift is spreading through the Czech beer industry as a number of smaller breweries cede from the Czech Beer and Malt Association with complaints that aggressive advertising from larger international brewery conglomerates has become detrimental to the international reputation of
  • McGee won the bee after correctly spelling "cede" - meaning to give over, surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another - and "epigamic" - meaning attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Romney can't "cede" Massachusetts, because it ceased being his long ago ..
  • When we "cede" authority to anyone, they are certain to make mistakes and/or consciously or unconsciously use their power to promote special interests.
  • It is good; but fancy not being able to take a walk, and observe the primroses by the river's brim, without being bound in honour to observe likewise whether the lady by your side was ready to "cede" or not!


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